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Joseph Smith
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General Smiths Views

General Smiths Views $2.00
Joseph Smiths 1844 presidential platform, General Smiths Views shares Josephs ideas on government, his opinions on those who have served in the office, and his plans if elected U.S. President. Among other things, if elected Joseph hoped to:

Reduce the number of elected officials in Washington, D.C. by at least one half. Those that remained would be paid two dollars a day. According to Joseph, that is more than the farmer gets, and he lives honestly.

Petition state legislatures to pardon convicts, blessing them as they go, and saying to them in the name of the Lord, go thy way and sin no more.

Abolish slavery by 1850 or sooner. He called on Congress to use revenue from the sale of public lands to compensate former slaveholders.
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Subtitle General Smith’s Views of the Powers and Policy of the Government of the United States 
Author Joseph Smith, Jr. 
Published 2003 replica reprint of 1844 original 
Publisher Community of Christ 
Format Pamphlet 
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